About Us

Picture stacks of books up to my chin.

That was me as a kid, growing up in the jungles of Hawaii. When I ended up going to college in Northern Iowa – I needed to figure out some way to survive the cold winters.

Enter martial arts and yoga – they brought me into my body and taught me how to manage my mind.

I attended my first YTT in 2004 and was offered a job at the YMCA even before the training was over.  I consider the jam packed classes I was fortunate enough to teach as my second training.

After teaching for ten years (and many more trainings), I met my fairy godmother business coach just after having my second child. She appeared in my life just long enough to show me that good business and good yoga don’t have to be like oil and water – then disappeared without a trace.

I nurtured the seeds she planted by studying all things business, marketing, and productivity and to my surprise found a new passion: finding the places where business principles and yoga principles overlap in order to help yoga teachers make a bigger impact with their teaching.

Now I balance mothering a preschooler and a teenager, producing the podcast, and working with talented and passionate yoga teachers to spread the benefits of yoga to the people each teacher is most inspired to serve.