Our Policy

The Yoga Teacher Resource offers low-barrier partial scholarships with the goal of expanding access to continuing education for yoga teachers who lack expendable income.


We acknowledge the limitations of partial scholarships as our programs will still be out of reach for some people who desire to participate. We also acknowledge our own limitations to solve the inequities caused by the current social structure of our culture. We continue to explore different ways to improve access to our programs in a way that remains sustainable for us to continue to offer them over the long run.

Pricing Equity

Teaching yoga is an act of passion and purpose. This means that yoga teachers will naturally skew towards those who have more assets and resources in the first place. We have developed this equity pricing policy in order to support the success of yoga teachers who come from a wide variety of financial backgrounds. 

What is Expendable Income?

Our pricing policy rests on the concept of expendable income. Expendable income is money that you can choose to spend one way or another and is the best way we have found to measure financial privilege. Examples of expendable income include: savings, investments, manicures, travel, gym membership, clothes, new or multiple vehicles, home decor, electronics, dining in restaurants, and anything else not needed for survival or generating income. In today's world with nearly unlimited options for spending it, almost nobody believes that they have enough expendable income. That's why we invite you to review the graphic provided here to help you understand your financial privilege.

How our scholarships work

After an open-minded assessment of your financial privilege, please submit an application for a scholarship if you fall into tier one or between tier one and tier two of the green bottle model. 

We award 50% scholarships to all applicants who live in economically developed countries as defined by the United Nations (broadly: Northern America and Europe, Israel, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Australia, and New Zealand). We award 75% off scholarships to all applicants who live in economically underdeveloped countries as defined by the United Nations. We do not offer 100% off scholarships at this time.

¬†You will receive an automated confirmation email within one hour of submitting your application. If we do not currently have an email address on file for you, you will need to click a button inside that email to confirm your email address in order to activate your application. If you do not receive¬†a confirmation email, please reach out to [email protected]¬†so we can help you troublesheet.¬†

Once we receive your application, you can expect to hear back from us within 7 business days with the decision about your application. Scholarships are awarded on the honor system so if you read the instructions carefully and filled out the application in full, you are very likely to be approved. 

IMPORTANT: Upon approval, you will have 7 business days to accept your scholarship. If you anticipate that could be a problem for you, please respond to the acceptance message to let us know. Approved applicants who do not activate their scholarship within 7 business days and do not communicate within that timeframe will not qualify for scholarships in the future. 

Apply for a Scholarship