PLAN, PROMOTE, and Produce your first filled up yoga workshop

in 30 days

without stress, a huge following, or spending hours on social media


If you’re a dedicated yoga teacher looking to boost your income while making a bigger impact on the lives of your students then you probably already know that workshops are a fantastic way to do just that. 




Teaching workshops also helps you:

  • Raise your authority and visibility

    Offering specialty workshops helps your community to see what you stand for as a yoga teacher and helps you spring to mind when people think of your specialty. 
  • Get paid your worth.

    Not only do workshops supplement your teaching income, but you often make more per hour as people are willing to pay more for specialized information. Successful workshops can be repeated multiple times with only minor tweaks, which further increases your profits.
  • Increase attendance at your weekly classes

    Many students who try out your workshop due to the topic and limited time availability will end up in your weekly classes as dedicated regulars. Not only does this boost your class numbers, but it seeds them with dedicated and enthusiastic students.

Even though the reasons to pursue teaching yoga workshops are obvious, the path to doing it successfully is anything but


You've been teaching weekly classes for awhile and decide to offer a workshop to offer your most dedicated students a way to go deeper.

  • You choose a topic you think is fascinating.
  • Spend hours getting the fonts on your flier to turn out JUST right and hang it all over town.
  • Share the event on social media so often that Instagram puts a temporary ban on your account. 
  • Get obsessed with researching every detail about your topic and create an extensive outline. 

But a few days before your scheduled workshop, the studio calls to let you know that they need to cancel due to lack of enrollment and you are left wondering what the heck went wrong.

Whether you have actually experienced the scenario laid out above OR avoided even scheduling a workshop out of fear that it would happen to you, you are not alone.

The good news is that there are steps you can follow to maximize your chances for teaching a workshop filled with dedicated students eagerly hanging on your every word. 

All you need is a little guidance, and a plan.

Three Myths that are holding you back when it comes to leading transformational yoga workshops:

Myth #1

I'm the teacher so I should decide what my workshop is about

When we choose workshop topics based on our own interests or a projection of what we imagine our students want or need, we are not offering our students the respect they deserve. 

The most riveting teachers are always in a state of collaboration with their students. They hold them in such esteem that they show up as a mentor, guide, and mirror to help them along the path they have already chosen for themselves. 

In order to facilitate the growth that your students crave (and teach magically transformative workshops), it isn't necessary for you to be the most knowledgeable expert on your topic.

Instead, be the teacher who truly listens to and sees her students, and craft your workshop offerings based on that relationship.

Myth #2

I need to have a huge following before I can teach successful workshops 

If you've been holding yourself back from offering workshops because you think you need to build your public class following first, you are not alone. 

The truth is that you do not need to already have a huge following in order to teach successful workshops and offering workshops can actually feed your regular class attendance.

When you choose a compelling topic and get it in front of the right audience, they will be MORE motivated to make time for it than an ongoing class where there is no sense of urgency to sign up.

Myth #3

I need to be an expert on my topic before I can teach a workshop about it

The difference between yoga teachers who struggle and those who take off is the emphasis on knowledge vs presence. Everybody experiences impostor syndrome, but the teachers who struggle the most believe it can be solved with more knowledge.

The problem is that the more you learn, the more you understand what you don't know. Keep learning for the love of learning, but not to become worthy to teach. 

If you PRACTICE what you teach, you do not need to know every nuance of every angle in order to teach it. 

In fact, being not too far ahead of your students can actually make you a less effective teacher if you do not understand or remember what it is like to be in their shoes.

If you focus on teaching what you practice and you are a few steps ahead of your students, you can offer incredibly valuable workshops that make a tremendous impact on the lives of your students.

I'm going to let you in on a little secret

Even though teaching workshops is an incredibly effective way to build your following, boost your income, and expand the impact you are making in the world, most yoga teachers will give up before tapping into a formula that works for them. 

But what if you could skip the bulk of that tedious trial and error? 

What if you could follow someone else's proven system that was developed over the course of producing dozens of filled up workshops (not to mention a handful of flops)?

With your permission, I'd like to share with you how you can do just that. 

"Going through Workshops that WOW was the catalyst for me to start taking myself seriously (after over 20 years of teaching!) and bring my business to the next level."

Suzan Wells, England


A step by step system to help you plan, promote, and produce your first filled up yoga workshop.

Workshops that WOW is more than an online course: 

It's a complete A-Z system for planning, promoting, and producing exceptional yoga workshops.

Based on 16 years of experience and dozens of workshops, Workshops that WOW includes hard earned knowledge broken down into manageable bite sized steps and supported by checklists, cheat sheets, and done-for-you templates.

The end result?

A repeatable STRATEGY for teaching filled up yoga workshops that attract the exact people who will benefit from your experience and expertise.

After working with Mado, I now have a class that is full with a waiting list and I even had to open up another workshop next month!  


Workshops that WOW is the only program of its kind that…

1. Shows you exactly HOW to choose your workshop topic in collaboration with your current students.

2. Gives you a repeatable STRATEGY for promoting your workshops to the right people.
3. Shows you time saving hacks and shortcuts so you don't have to spend your life on social media.

4. Addresses impostor syndrome, and nervousness by showing you how to PREPARE for to teach with confidence and authority.

So if you’re ready to finally start teaching filled up yoga workshops while avoiding stress, uncertainty, and a social media overdose - I can't wait to see you on the inside.

Here's how I'll help you get there:


In this module you will learn my tried and true method for choosing a workshop topic, think through all the important logistics that need to be determined ahead of time, and determine the learning outcomes that will feed into your workshop outline AND your marketing materials. 

Module Highlights:

  • Learn the formula for choosing a compelling workshop topic.
  • Steal my market research template and script to take all the guesswork out of validating your workshop idea.
  • Use the downloadable logistics checklist to sleep soundly each night, secure in the knowledge that all details have been thought through ahead of time.
  • Get clear on exactly WHAT your students will walk away from the workshop having done, learned, or achieved.

Marketing is the number thing that sends yoga teachers back to bed hiding under the covers. This module will show you how to spread the word about your workshops in a way that is effective AND doesn't feel salesy or sleazy.

Module Highlights:

  • Determine the MOST effective locations, channels, and strategies for promoting your specific workshop.
  • Skip the overwhelm and use the included template to PLAN every detail of your promotion - so you know exactly what you will be doing and when. 
  • Use my prompts, worksheets, and templates to write compelling descriptions of your workshop that will attract the students you are most excited to teach.
  • Minimize the time you need to spend on social media by learning how to use technology to automate the promotional plan you created earlier.

In this module, I will walk you through creating a detailed yet flexible PLAN for your workshop that promotes participant satisfaction by accounting for shorter attention spans and different learning styles. 

Module Highlights:

  • Walk into the room with the confidence that you know EXACTLY what you will say in the beginning of your workshop to build trust and set expectations.
  • Learn a rhythm and order for teaching that holds the attention of your participants, no matter what your topic.
  • Create your plan in a modular format so that you have the flexibility to respond to the moment by moment feedback you receive from your participants and customize your presentation based on their reactions. 
  • Learn techniques for closing your workshop to ensure your participants feel a sense of completion and leave with the sense of having participated in something special.

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"Mado helped me create a structure and schedule and figure out who I am talking to with my marketing which made the design part easier! I've stopped questioning whether or not I should be teaching workshops and get to focus on the fun part - teaching!"

Cari Moskow, Atlanta, GA

Frequently Asked Questions

What our most successful students asked before joining Workshops That WOW

If you are motivated to put the system outlined in Workshops that WOW into action right away, you can easily make your money back. While your specific results will vary, many former students recouped their investment by teaching a single workshop.

Workshops that WOW definitely covers how to figure out what to charge for your workshop - in fact, I've included an interactive quiz you can take to give you a starting point that you can use as a gut check and adjust up or down from there. 

While teaching a workshop is a different skill set than teaching a public class, the qualification is the same - you've graduated from YTT. Yoga teacher trainings tend focus on how to practice yoga and how to teach regular classes. They don't usually go into much depth about how to teach workshops (if they cover it at all). That's where Workshops that WOW comes in. I'll walk you through the process of planning, promoting, and producing a high quality yoga workshop step by step. And because you have lifetime access to the content and can work through it at your own pace, you are more likely to retain and implement the strategies and information than in a live setting. You'll take the knowledge you gained in YTT, through your own practice, and whatever amount of experience you have teaching group classes and learn how to present it within the thorough, progressive, and specific context of a yoga workshop. 

Not having a predetermined idea of what you want to teach about may actually be an asset when following the Workshops that WOW framework. That is because I teach you how to choose a workshop topic in collaboration with your current and desired students. If you don't already have a topic in mind, you will be more open when doing your market research and likely more creative in the process. 

Sure, it would be awesome to go into Workshops that WOW with a crowd of people eagerly awaiting your next offering . But the good news is, you can find people who are excited to sign up for your yoga workshops, even if they don’t regularly attend your classes. The secret is in choosing the right topic and communicating about that topic in a way that people can easily understand. Creating workshops that are easy to fill is a major part of the framework I teach inside Workshops that WOW. Even better, teaching regular workshops can actually boost attendance at your other classes.

Workshops that WOW includes a full module on marketing your workshop BUT what really sets it apart is that the messaging for your marketing is built into the workshop creation process. That means every step of the process is done with marketing in mind - and it cuts way down on the work and stress once we get to the marketing module. With that said, my marketing process is NOT a cookie cutter one size fits all approach (those don’t work), so you will have to invest the time up front to actually do the work. The good news is that I will guide you every step of the way, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Workshops that WOW is self-paced. Once you enroll, you’ll have instant access to all the content and can do the work at whatever rhythm works for you. The main course videos are in 5-15 minute chunks, so you can watch a little or a lot. The amount of time you personally spend on doing the work outlined in the program will vary based on your personal tendencies and choices. 12-20 hours is a reasonable estimate. 

When you complete the program, you can apply for a certificate that covers 12 hours of continuing education credits for the Yoga Alliance in the curriculum category of professional essentials (formerly teaching methodology).

Because you have access to digital files that cannot be returned immediately after you sign up, I do not generally offer refunds for self-paced online courses. This course was crafted with love based on 16 years of experience and has been tested and validated by dozens of yoga teachers. We’ve never had a single refund request so far (I did offer a money back guarantee when I offered the course live and released the modules one at a time). While I cannot guarantee any specific results, most people who have taken the course made their money back by teaching a single workshop based on the framework.

Workshops that WOW is a self-paced program. All the videos live on the course platform for you to watch at your convenience. If any questions arise while you are working through the curriculum, you can ask in the comment section below the specific video you have questions about. My team or I will generally respond to questions within 48 business hours. If you are interested in live sessions, please join my monthly membership The Impact Club.

Workshops that WOW is PERFECT for you if…

  1. You've never taught a workshop before and want to follow a proven system and avoid rookie mistakes. 
  2. You've tried to offer workshops but have struggled to fill them OR you felt that you could have done a better job with your presentation.
  3. You genuinely want to serve your students by sharing yoga in a deeper way through a more specific and intensive format.
  4. You are a bit of a yoga nerd who spends a great deal of your free time studying, practicing, and planning your classes.
  5. You are afraid that you will run out of things to talk about and that you don't know enough to teach a full workshop (you do!).
  6. You are aware that choosing the right topic is the MOST important strategy for success - and excited to implement a proven strategy for doing just that.

If you said “yes” to at least a few of the questions above, you are going to absolutely love Workshops that WOW

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I keep recommending Workshops that WOW because it is packed with great information and actionable resources. I especially loved the live Q&A’s even though they were pre-recorded! By listening to the struggles and questions of other yoga teachers and the insightful answers from Mado you’ll get all the encouragement and inspiration you need to launch a workshop.

Montserrat Gilly, London England


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